Deep Cove Renovation

During our work with Ami, she helped us to discover our preferred design aesthetic, which evolved from transitional to what I would call colorful modern. We engaged Ami during our hunt for a new home, and we made the decision to buy our current home based on her confidence that we could do a lot with the space. We then embarked on a dramatic overhaul of the main floor of the house, creating what is truly our dream home. Ami and her team listened to, and incorporated many of our ideas/desires into the design, and they also made a number of excellent suggestions that made clever use of the existing space. Together (because it was truly a partnership), we have created an open, bright, contemporary, colorful space that is a wonderful antidote to the rain/grey skies that are typical of a North Vancouver winter. No matter where you are on the main floor, there is something interesting and/or beautiful to look at - beautiful woodwork, interesting tiles, or colorful accents. I'm particularly happy with the kitchen, which any dedicated cook would envy!