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We’ve Rebranded and We Love it!

We decided a while ago that we needed to re-brand and give our website a beautiful new look and feel that better suited our business.

My team spent a lot of time on the old website, finding images, sourcing content and writing copy.  In the end, we just could not dedicate the time needed to get it to where we felt it suited our brand or business. Ultimately, our lack of experience of what a brand at our level really required to be great showed through in our website.  Unfortunately, because of the time it takes to re-brand, and the financial commitment of working with a creative agency, we decided to wait to re-brand — until now!

The wait came to an end earlier this year – I just could not stand the idea of people seeing our website and knowing it did not match who we are as a design firm.  We also knew we were going to be getting a lot of national press as well as features in national magazines because of the wonderful projects me and the PURE team had completed this year, and I wanted our brand to look as good as we felt!

This time I knew I needed the help of a professional – ironically I reached out for the same reasons many of my clients hire me – I was in need of a creative professional. I decided to call a creative agency that I had been watching for a while because I loved their work. We’d been in touch a few years ago but at the time my business was in the middle of a transition and I put rebranding on hold.

When I talked to Kim, the Creative Director of Oliver & Spence Creative, she remembered me and was enthusiastic about re-branding our website. Turns out she’s a design fan of mine and as well as a fangirl of Interior Design in general. It was a perfect fit for me and for PURE.


We seemed to click from the moment we began speaking. She intuitively got me, and I got her. We have the same sense of humour, the same sense of giving, and the same sense for design. It was a match made in creative heaven.


Thankfully, working with a professional creative team, I was allowed to be pretty much hands off. Which I needed to be because our firm was so busy, there was no way I could have been more involved.  I probably would have liked to have been because of my need for creative control – as most designers can attest to, but in this case I had no choice, I had to let go.

The result – I couldn’t be more thrilled! Kim and her team wowed us from the moment they started showing us their visions for our brand and website. It is like night and day in comparison. Our work and brand now pops out of the screen, our projects come to life. It all it took about 6 weeks start to finish and was really rather painless. I am beyond happy with the results. Lucky for me, we’ve decided to continue working together, as Kim and her team will work on developing our brand through marketing and social media.

“Ami was such a lovely person to work with. We have been treated with kindess and respect from the moment we began chatting with her, Don and the entire PURE team. Not to mention, opening folders of gorgeous images of the Pure Design work has been a fabulous way to start my day. I’m looking forward to a beautiful collaborative relationship with Ami and the PURE team.”

Kim Wallace – Creative Director of Oliver & Spence Creative Agency

Oliver & Spence Creative Agency specializes in branding, design and marketing for creative business owners who are excited about building their businesses into epic brands.

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