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The Pure Planning Process

for Interior Design

When you work with Ami McKay and Vancouver’s PURE Design Team, you can expect a process that is managed with intention, planning, calculation, listening, understanding, relationship building, and experience. Each step of the Planning, Interior Design and Construction Phase is intended to provide knowledge to you as well as give actionable feedback throughout the entire process. Your vision for the outcome and your life during the process is carefully considered during each phase of your project’s development.

The Planning Phase

Step 1

1) Inspiration Package

Based on our interior design interview, we provide a comprehensive Inspiration Package

2) Review Proposed Drawings

We review any existing plans or proposed drawings you might have

3) Build Creative Concept

From there we begin to build our creative Interior Design Concept

4) Walk Through Concept

We walk you through our proposed Interior Design Concept for your space

5) Budget + Timeline

We present our budget, timeline, and construction schedule

Interior Design

Step 2

1) Layouts and Elevations

We provide the preliminary layouts and elevations for your space

2) Materials and Finish Selection

We supply your materials and finish selection, including a full detailed specification document

3) Materials Reference Board Includes:

Materials Board is supplied to you for reference

4) Full Construction Package

  • Detailed interior, plans and elevations
  • Demolition plan
  • Reflected ceiling plan
  • Partition plan
  • Finish plan
  • Millwork drawings
  • Electrical, mechanical, and plumbing plan
  • 3D renderings if required

5) Project Management

We manage all project details such as obtaining quotes or pricing from suppliers and vendors and building permits

6) Budget + Timeline

Prepare budgets, timelines, and construction schedules

Construction Phase

Step 3

1) Scheduled Site Visits

We schedule regular site visits

2) Project Management

We offer full project management during the construction phase

3) Materials Purchases + Delivery

Manage the purchase and delivery of materials

4) Communication

Fully transparent communication with you during the construction process, keeping you informed of the progress of the construction

5) Staging Your Space

We finalize your space with curated styling, furniture, and accessories, leaving it magazine quality and photograph ready

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