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PURE Philanthropy is Ami McKay’s third product line (and the one closest to her heart) to launch.

PURE Design Inc is proud to introduce a line of gorgeous, do-good, feel-good PURESYRIAN Pillow Collection.  The pillows are created by Ami McKay, in collaboration with artisan Salma Muhammad, a newcomer to Canada, and a Syrian refugee, privately sponsored by Ami and a group of her friends.

How PURE Pillows Came To Be

It was in January of 2016, that news cycles were dominated by the mounting death toll in Syria and the millions of people that were displaced.  Ami joined a group of concerned friends and neighbors from her town in Lions Bay, who decided to privately sponsor a Syrian refugee family who had fled Syria and were currently living in a UNICEF tent in Iraq and help resettle them in Canada. They raised the necessary funds and patiently awaited the family’s arrival.

Learning About Salma

Learning that Salma was a trained tailor, Ami’s idea for the pillow collaboration was born. She began sourcing fabrics, with help from her friend and collector, Kelly Taylor, who donated many of the fabrics to the project. Together they have edited an ethical collection of fabrics from all over the world, some antique, some vintage, some recycled and repurposed, but all handmade and gorgeous.

Salma + PURE Pillows

Salma, her husband Nihad and their three young children arrived in March of this year, and in late spring the duo started work on the pillows. Muhammad sews the pillows at her family home, once her kids are asleep.

The pillows will range from $75- $265 with profits being shared with Muhammad’s family. They will be available exclusively at PURE Design in Vancouver, BC.

There was a time when Ami herself was extended a helping hand. Years ago as a newly single mom, she struggled and a kind friend offered her a helping hand and support to get back on her feet.

I know first hand the impact of what happens when you empower a woman

Ami did get back on her feet. Today Chatelaine calls Ami “One of Canada’s Top 5 Designers” because of her hard work and dedication to her clients.

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